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These carefully carved, meticulously designed cow skulls, are all carved utilizing an engraving style by-hand.

They're produced fully from recycled "Harshness-Free bones". Every extremely ingenious formation is totally superb in its special look from the proficiency of the carver. Additionally, there are specifically custom created productions accessible for purchase. Extra pricing can be obtained for custom pieces of art.
Each eye catching cow skull methods nearly 17.3 ins (44 centimeters) long. The matching horns are sold detached from carving. That is to decrease the charge for delivery. The organic shaped horns are easy to construct onto the cow skull. Including the linked horns, the cow skull measures around 20.5 ins (52 centimeters) long.
Once the horns are measured from tip to suggestion, they measure at practically 22-inches (56 centimeters).


These opulently comprehensive cow skulls are decorated with intricately carved designs that nearly fully protect the surface of the cow skull. Highly detailed on several quantities, the scroll-work designs have their own level of designs for a sincerely comprehensive thing of beauty.
Fantastic shows of craftsmanship and art. The horns are introduced in a reflective black concluding and secured with string wrappings. The horns pair-up pleasingly together with the styling of the skull. You'll find scores of carved cow skull designs available.

Additionally there are types such as the tainted look. These versions exhibit the carved skull in a appearance that's cunningly dim in masterful process. This style creates a amazing exterior in comparison with the white variation. The horns for that tainted variation come in a lusterless black color, for an aged done.

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