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I was nearly a year ago I got my very first RC Quadcopter Drone a Walkera QR Ladybird V2 a birthday present from my daughter.
Even though the DJI Phantom is fun to play with, it is not simply a toy. And what an expertise it is. Just check out the video to see what this great Turbo Drone Mini Quadrocopter can do. Overall the entertaining and excitement this Quadcopter brings for the price is definitely stunning.
Overall, this is an incredible bit of kit for the price, and with a bit of practice offers a enormous level of enjoyment. Quite steady and straightforward to master indoors but needs fairly calm circumstances outdoors for newbies.

The AR.Drone 2. from Parrot is a smartphone-controlled quadcopter. In addition to outstaning airtime the AR.Drone also has an impressive variety of 50 meters through it really is on-board wifi transmitter.
The coolest issue about the AR.Drone is the flip._ Yes, this is the quadcopter that does all these cool mid-flight flips and rolls that you have been seeing on YouTube. But, in spite of it really is incredible maneuverability, the AR.Drone is easy to discover and operate.
I've generally been a RC fan and now a quadcopter fan.

So you could consider my enthusiasm in finding out about the release of the DJI Phantom for GoPro An entry-level quadcopter/drone that a newbie can setup and fly appropriate out of the box. I used the mount that came with the Phantom which has the knurled knob and nut for mounting either the supplied cage (created for the Hero2) or any standard GoPro housing.

When you attach a $300 GoPro camera with the $600 Drone, that signifies that you lost a $900 gadget.

Developed to do aerial filming with the latest GoPro 4 cameras, it is also a beginner friendly quadcopter because you can fly it correct out of box. Newbies will be guided on the installing approach by some marks that can be located on the propellers and also the quadcopter _s arms.  The brief flight time is, likely, because the quadcopter is loaded only with a 7.4V 2S 1000mAh Li-Po battery.

This quadcopter can be bought with two diverse transmitters.

Also, if you are wanting to get an exact shot, you happen to be going to will need to add a FPV (1st Person View) Kit to the DJI Phantom, such as a Fat Shark kit. I would setup the self timer on the gopro and set it to take a photo more than 1,two,3,5, and so forth seconds.
You'd be a lot much better of with a FPV kit with a leaf antenna. I have not tested a 3d gopro rig, but I would say there's sufficient lift if you upgraded the props to e-props or one thing inequivalent.
Drone flight stability is effected by the wingspan.

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